Self-build: tiny house in the Morvan (FR)

A self-build project with a group of friends in the Morvan in France. The house is made out of reused construction elements and locally sourced Douglas fir wood from a nearby production forests.  

It was a spontaneous decision during covid times to self-build a tiny house on a piece of land in the Morvan. Within one week a quick sketch design was made, and the timber construction material was ordered from a local production forest.

One of the friends is a carpenter with great skill who often works on renovation projects. From these renovation projects he ‘harvested’ discarded construction elements such as windows, sliding doors and a kitchen, which are reused in this tiny house.

The 32sqm tiny house is built on two old trailers. It houses two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and living room. The distinctive shape of the house stands out in its environment, yet the use of wooden cladding makes it blend in with the natural environment. The geometry and orientation of the house is optimised according to local site conditions. There are unobstructed views of the landscape, optimised solar gains in winter, effective solar shading in summer combined with natural cross ventilation, and rainwater drainage is integrated into the façade design where it is used for watering the landscape.